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Our company is capable of producing zinc alloy and aluminum castings for every industrial requirement, from basic to high-tech, designing and implementing the whole manufacturing process (with particular attention to die-casting and punching dies).
At the customer’s request, we perform fluid-dynamics filling analysis of the molding bunch with various simulation programs, in order to ensure the correct filling and solidification and the high quality of the casting.
It is also possible to perform the FEM analisys on simulated models, in order to testify the structural strength of the virtual element. Our team is periodically trained and our machines is periodically updated, in order to ensure speed and autonomy of processing.


A.B.O.R. Foundry S.p.a. were founded in 1947 by Mister Bellati and Mister Casolin, entering the market as contract manufacturers for non-ferrous alloy castings (i.e. aluminum, bronze, brass and copper).
At the beginnind we used earth fusion, which allowed to obtain large quantities of material with very low process speed, employing highly skilled staff. We produced large objects for sectors such as large machinery, shipbuilding (with up to 22 quintals bronze castings) and arts (with bas-reliefs and statues commissioned by various artists).
We then switched to production of castings in shell by gravity, introducing the use of molds and raising the quantity of production. We then started to work for automotive industry and in the making of electric motors.
Eventually we oriented in the production of die castings, which granted us a faster and optimized production and ability to satisfy in the best way any need of our customers. Our first die casting machines were old and complex, then we specialized in the use of hydraulic machines.
We always try to be at the forefront of new technologies and aim to the highest quality of production. That allowed us to bring our business in French, Great Britain, Spain and Germany. Since the beginning we put great attention in choosing our suppliers, ensuring the customer satisfaction.

Foundry ABOR S.p.a.

A.B.O.R. Foundry S.p.a. has an advanced and efficient production factory spread over a covered area of 3800 sq.m. and an uncovered area of 1200 sq.m.
The Company provides a complete set of machines and skills in order to accomplish each and every request of the customer.
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